A lot of schools are starting & lately, I’ve found that plaid button ups are a great transition to the start of the Fall season!
When in SF, you constantly dress in layers because the weather is bipolar.
Featured in this look:
Wanderlust (men’s clearance) shirt from Zara
White Denim Jacket from Levi’s
Watch from Daniel Wellington
Shoes by Charlotte Russe
Glasses from Giant Vintage

Photos by Dopensteez

Strollin' around the streets of the Tenderloin, SF

Strollin’ around the streets of the Tenderloin, SF




I love these wedges!





As an avid lover of cool socks, I decided it was time to show off some of my favorite socks so far this summer!
Hope these rock your socks off. That is all :)

Kitty socks from H&M!

Super soft socks all the way from France!
Click here to find out more :)

Love this print!

Donut socks from Taiwan :)



Nerd Alert!

Inspired by the super warm East Bay weather and all its hotness, I chose this midi classic pleated dress from H&M, brown booties from Shoe Dazzle, and my nerdy librarian glasses I got from Taiwan. 

After 1 year of planning (and failing) to shoot. I finally got a chance to do a photoshoot with Ed Tran Photography! Hooray!

Purse from Alexis Hudson!

Curly hair: yay or nay?

Necklace was only $3!

And as usual, a candid to end my post :)

C’est La Vie, an Adult’s Excuse to Settle.

C’est la vie” translates to “Such is life” translates to “accept life as it is”. I hate this saying. It’s weird. To me it sounds like you’re settling, and it is not okay.

You never realize you spend your entire life working at or for something. It could be anything-  a graduation, a degree, a company, even a person. What? Yup. Let me stop you right there at that last one: a person. A human being. Someone you’re supposed to be with for the rest of your life. Out of the bajillion people on earth, you, my friend, are settling for one person who you’ve deemed at “just okay”.

At age 25 (plus or minus 5 years), you’re likely to be comfortably working at a nice job with nice perks and nice people in your life.  But why are we settling for “nice” when we deserve spectacular? When we deserve to be hopelessly and ridiculously in love? Ponder for a moment. Did you put in this effort to settle for mediocre?

It makes sense though: graduate –> career –> get married. It’s even commonly called “settling down”. We’ve all heard it. Engraved in our minds by family, friends, and social media antics so why wouldn’t we follow the norm, right? Wrong. So, so wrong.

These next couple of years are crucial and astonishing…cherish them! These are the years you’ll never get back- the time to make mistakes and learn lessons. To fall in and out of love because why not?! You have the rest of your lives to accept what’s been handed to you- now is not that time. Hold this moment and time so dearly to your heart like that smartphone you can’t let go of. Date and make mistakes and continue dating! Flirt with 3, 4, 5 people at once and make zero excuses about having no time or brushing off the good ol’ “when the time is right” nonsense. Try talking to strangers, strike up a conversation at the gym, online dating, hate it, love it- it doesn’t matter. What matters is you’re putting yourself out there whole heartedly and looking for someone who will be breathtaking. Someone who will phyiscally take your breath away. And yes, it will be that amazing. You will never have time if you don’t make it. Just as you had to go through a trial-and-error phase for life up until this point, such goes for dating and being in love. The key here is to never settle.

So I leave you here with these words of wisdom, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” -Steve Jobs


When in Doubt, Wear Black.

Absolutely THE best color to wear in whatever season it is: black. It matches with anything and everything! Here’s my take on a LBD (little black dress)- it’s a black maxi from Forever 21 that has a mini skirt inside with a sheer maxi overlay. It’s simple, chic, and comfortable! Just kept it simple with these super comfy jellies (they’re making a comeback ;) ) from ModCloth, a bright, bold lip for the summer weather, and off to brunch I go!

Summer is treating me well.
Currently obsessed with these :D


Flower Power

Going back home always reminds me what kind of summer I’m missing out on- SF summers are nothing compared to this permanent 80 degree weather.
Off to my baby sister’s 8th grade graduation on this super sunny Wednesday. The studded denim jacket is from Bloomingdale’s Outlet and I wore this jacket with a daisy crop top from Charlotte Russe. Since this was a formal-ish event, I went with a black skater skirt from Forever 21 (which is, in my opinion, a fail-proof piece!)
And the most important part, my beautiful black caged wedges are from Charlotte Russe!

New favorite shoes!


SF Summer

Anyone that lives in San Francisco can vouch that SF does not have a real summer like everyone else does. A summer in SF is still full of fog and gloom in all its glory but, it does get a little better in the daytime.
So this look was inspired by the weather of San Francisco and the brightness I wish it would be. This skirt from J. Crew isn’t supposed to be high waisted but I had bought it in a smaller size so that it went up a little higher than usual (cool trick)- it’s bright color reminds me of the warm weather (or lack thereof) in the city. I decided to pair it with a black & white crop top (courtesy of my sister fishingforpi and Forever 21).
Pulled the whole look together with a pair of Charlotte Russe black pumps and you’re all set for a day out in the city! 

Candid! Woohoo! 


Muay Thai!

Finals are officially over which means I’m back on the planet again and no longer being a hermit! Apologies for the lack of posts, it’s been so hectic the last couple of weeks. Nevertheless, I am back and with something very different- very not “me”. Typically, you see me in feminine dresses and pageant gear but this time, I’m in muay thai gear! Not a lot of people know I take muay thai to keep fit and it just feels really satisfying to punch things sometimes- it’s a really good & quick work out! :)
Here are a couple photos from my shoot in collaboration with AJ Patell x World Team USA.

Action shot! Woohoo!


Florals for Spring!

Pretty floral prints are always a must for this season! I’ve always been more find of tiny floral prints as opposed to those larger, whole flower prints. It’s a great & easy option to add a fun print to any look without it being an eyesore.
This super soft dress is by one of my favorite stores for steals-and-deals…Charlotte Russe

All le pictures by Ryan Chua

Such happy colors for this dress!

A super smile for sunny Sundays!


Picnic Day!

Picnic Day in UC Davis has always been on my to do list and now I can finally cross it off! Venturing to Davis was an adventure and it was really odd wearing shorts and a crop top while traveling from SF to Picnic Day.
The weather was perfect for shorts and a crop top. The campus was packed with people & dogs everywhere- I loved it! It was a good change of scenery to see some real California sunshine. These shorts have been featured before here and are currently my go-to shorts from Forever 21 & this crop top is from Nordstrom Rack (a steal for ~$6)! My oxfords from Urban Outfitters actually have velcro on them making them super easy to throw on and off for any occasion.
For this look, I had on Essie’s “Under Where?” nail polish from Beyond Polish.
 I love this creamy purple for the month of April. Beyond Polish always has such a vast collection of nail polishes all under one website- super convenient!

I borrowed someone’s pet- meet Junior!

My lovely sister fishingforpi got me this cute crown!

Oxfords to wander around in all day.